Look, here is a quick preview of a track I was working on.. at or around the .38 mark the words are supposed to be this..

I can't believe I fell in love

I fell in love with you

Yes it's true, you know it's true

I fell in love with you.

I think it repeats 3 times..

Should I finish this song.. This was before things fell apart between us.. Input please....

all these are is note tracks right now that I made

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  • Nice one !

  • love it ! Finish it!


  • you're the best doc :)

  • It sounds Good though. I think you Can Finish it :D just gatta Go slow sometimes to make a track better ._.

  • thanks notoz , i just hope i can really finish it..

  • I like that Melody!~ <3

  • yeah phil collins no doubt haha

  • thanks fellers, ya know the more i hear this, the beginning reminds me of phil collins.. like up to .37 but I never intended it to sound like anything just playing with my note tracks and pulves.. This needs alot of work

  • some great riffs you should expand/finish this for sure :D

  • I wasn't feeling very well the other day, so .....I went to the doctor. The crazy thing is, he prescribed this song. I live alone, so this song made me feel worse, 'cus its SICK. See the joke is about,....dough! .......


    I'm stupid.

  • BTF (Hola DOc !)

  • very cool

  • Definitely, you gotta finish this!

  • doc - do it! this is good stuff. looking forward to hearing your end result! :)