I have the most diversity on this track

HAHA skrillex girl who beats up pedos!

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  • Ya

  • you heard my new dark track yet ?

  • Thanks :D

  • good Stuff :) i love your style its very creative :) love the synths nice Atmosphere your are really coming along with your style nicely :) nice Re verb :) this is very polished one of my faves of yours

  • thanks lol

  • awesome !!! and the picture "first of the year".... freaking great =)

  • Thanks :D

  • :) really good track!

  • Thanks

  • cool i get what you mean nice !

  • Thanks :D

  • awesome ,, i will work on our acount this night .. like the new name

  • Ok did it

  • You what? Ima do that. Stay tuned :D

  • Well it's cool theres a small build up in that gap i shoulda lifted the volume so you could notice it without turning your volume all the way up :D