I was making this and Was thinking, Lol the WHOLE time.

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  • Wow, 8 favs thanks

  • 641.. What the fuck is going on?' who is playing it that many times?, pissing me off in a way.

  • ok who the Fuck is playing my shit THAT many times? I don't know who it is but thank you for your contribution. But... Really 302 times? (°~°) and only 5 favs? Doesn't add up..

  • 122 what the fuck...

  • Other Super Track! n_n

  • Nice sounds indeed. Little distortion at 0.52 - 1.00 though :-)

  • very nice bro

  • Yes. :D BTF. and hear my new tracks from 2 pages.

  • Really?, you like it?

  • o_o wow. -downloads- So keeping this

  • Same timing i knew that would work

  • Hexo!

  • Milk First <~~~