Hey guys ive been off of audiotool for a while now but i just started again with this remix of offbeatninja123's song i liked. I took out the main drumline and put in my own drums, added a rasselbock, put effects on everything, added a few drops, and glorified the beginning. I hope you like it!

edit: more bass, readded drums in end

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  • thanks dude

  • cool stuff man , great job :D

  • to the kick and bass line

  • more bass to what?

  • ok saturday works. you ask your dad if you can go riding sat instead haha

  • Fuck... I was gonna ask you if you wanted to go riding this weekend with me and garret. uhhhhh, well my mom gets back friday, so I'll probably be over there friday and maybe saturday

  • on nice lets hang tmo then ya? oh wait youre at your dads then...idk when can you? cuz after new years i cant hang im going snowboarding

  • Im back bro!

  • yeeeee!!! :D thanks dude. i tried to actually put in the effort and not use as many samples. like wind noise in the beginning i made myself haha. and deffinitely when are you getting back from sd?

  • As much as I would like to give you shit, this is pretty good. I like the different drums you put in and i think the melody sounds alot better with the reverb. Nice one :) Oh and check out my latest track if you havent already. Wanna hang sometime before school starts?