This is my first song. Took me about 2hours to make. This is a redo of the original. The orignal was to long and boring so i shortended it up and made it a little more pleasing to the ear!

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  • I like it. :)

  • this is great loved all of it

  • Yeah I changed a good bit. I think it sounds better but yeah thanks.

  • is it totally different to what I heard yesterday? this one is pretty cool driving

  • I made the song shorter so i could get rid of that weird intro. Hope the song is like more.

  • Republished

    Redid it fpr time and sound!

  • i like your style check out my songs your going to like them

  • Honestly, it sounds really crummy at the beginning were i just stopped... My thinking was that it would build up suspense, but i think i am wrong after i have listened to it again. I am a noob so any help will be very appreciated. ~crtx16