Cover of track Moomstep (Penance's Nice Party Re-fix Remix!) by Penance
  • about 8 years ago
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Penance, Moomstep (Penance's Nice Party Re-fix Remix!)


Errrm, a 2 day project, i wanted to see if i could do it in 1 but alas my skillz are not up to i spent another day tidying it up....3rd tune ever, please be lenient.. see me on update, decided to enter the warehouse project dj competition, and have tightened this up to include in the mix, lesson to be learned, dont start chopping up loops and samples unless you are zoomed right in and have snap set correctly, this cost me an entire afternoon to put right, have a listen before nov 19th when comp ends for judging, I need 100 plays to qualify, link will be up on my profile page tomorrow... so would be appeciated as would any feedback ;) penance 20/10/2010

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    about 8 years ago

    new mix up here!

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    hope you enjoy it!