somethiing funny right for some reason this go out pretty good very simple beautiful :)

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  • thx rogue :) i am not a good guitar player but this go out kool :) i like the part 2 ..thinking to add a jazz drum over it but not shore ...

  • thx guys :) i got bussy whit my new pet 2 hermit crab setting the fish tank etc and of corse looking at them LOL :) i start to play to online game again:( pretty fun very bassic but you could do other stuff when your city is working :) like creating music or cleaning the house etc strategie online game at full of ,tracking cookie LOL ... i make a blog if you look around you see audiotool freezedried :)

  • awesome freezedried. did i ever tell you that YOU are the reason i own an electric guitar? yeah, i was working on a remix of your song "the green bees works (compo,mix)"

    the green bees works (compo,mix)

    and i thought an electric guitar would sound good, so i bought a used one. you are truly inspirational everyday. thanks for sharing your art. :)

  • simple is underrated my friend beautiful none the less great work Freez