I went and found the original piano piece and fell in love. I actualy played this song when I had trouble sleeping and it worked like an aid. So I decided to take this sweet little peice and try and make it as disrupting as possible. I've put a little bit of study into August Burns Red's drummer lately and wanted to test out some kinda off beat parts to add some complexity to the sound. anywho, I hate writing long descriptions on my work as if they're worth somthing, so just listen :P Thanks be to XxEQuINoxX

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  • thank you ^.^

  • Nice work :)

  • i took out the guitar distortion, added a delay pedal to the tone gen, and made the wubs a little compliant with the rythm. :p good advice, i thought it was the piano chords to blame before haha ^.^

  • haha you're welcome! i always appreciate when people say stuff about my work, so I might as well reciprocate that :)

  • it was really fun to work with, actualy :) and ABR is a big influence on my band's sound. I'll try that with the synth real quick. i have the first osculator at a saw setting and the second at a bar. i'll try bringing it sound to soften up the wubs some :p thank you for all of the input. first person to really go and say plenty about my work x3 means alot, haha

  • im veeeerrryyyy tempted to remix this btw :)

  • I love Matt Greiner (ABR's drummer) and ABR is like the only metalcore band i like :) only tip i would say is work on the mix a little, the waveform is a good indicator, you don't want it to make a solid rectangle, so maybe look at the levels of your synths and stuff and try to bring them down so the mix doesn't clip so much, it would sound cleaner too

  • wow, never thought this beautiful piece would go in this direction, but I actually really like this! the melody alone is beautiful, and the dubstep synths you put backing it are very cool, and the drums are sweet!