"346" Dreamscape Album


solitude within








Dear beloved Father, Thank you, for the morning, the night and the dawn. May you be my strength in the grewsome wars, may i sharpen my sword in your rock, impenetrable to howling winds and roaring waves. Cast upon your people their blessing, for your word is the indefinite truth, shine your hand onto this earth and let them witness your majesty. I cant thank you enough, there nothing a mere mortal can do, yet... you love me, indefinitely, i fall thousands of times and you bring my feet at place. You, are THE, HE, HIM... you are GOD. My forever Lover and passion, for my talents are yours for I have no power, my heart isnt mine, my mind isnt mine, my emotions and memories arent mine, for you created everything, i dwell in your heart, for you want me, i am your son, i am your sheep, i am your creation. GLORY TO YOU GOD

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  • Woo! I was recognized by the Dreamscape chanel!

    • congrats!

    • excellent

    • is a youtube channel dedicated to sounds like these, i been listening for a month now and usually i put it for sleep, but now it seems like im getting recognition pretty quick!

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  • Man I need more of these AHHHH

  • no I'm not, but still I can feel the emotions coming inside of me. 😢

  • beauty

  • Good music

  • Nice!

  • love

  • love me some dreamscape

    • thank you!!!!!!!