May be my final track for a while, as I pursue a lofi acoustic/ ambient piano project. I'll be sure to post links for you guys if it ever comes to fruition.

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  • Thanks everyone, it means so much! @Comatoast that's such an honor!

  • was listening to this everyday three months ago, still am today :)

    Haha i also decided i want this song to be playing while my casket is lowered when i die.

  • Man, you've had me since Curvature Simulation...awesome work!

  • I had a wee peek at some of your videos of your acoustic sets :p Really cool work!

  • Great !

  • Great one !!

  • BTF

  • awesome track mate at 1.20 the synth or voice sample whatever it is i love it

  • hi enjoyyourshoes, one of my few youtube subscriptions is professoranton. his latest video/dialogue is concerned with the topic which the title of this track refers to.

    it made me think of this track

    i thought you might find it interesting. peace.

    super track (as always) btw! :)

  • heard this on soundcloud, ill say again: amazing track

  • You know how to take people on musical journey's. I wish you the best of luck on your project.

  • :)

  • Man i listen tto this at least once a day :)

    I really like the ambient feel in this track my friend, and that melody is addicting, Love it!!

  • super!

  • Wow, I have been hearing about you a lot, but somehow missed you this whole time?? Incredible atmosphere here :) I love it, you sir have yourself one new follower :)