to give you a quick update of what Im doing. First of all I got to say that I dont have as much free time as I used to have cause Im kind of busy touring and recording with my Band. Never the less my EP will be ready soon:

Release date: 18.01 .2016

6 or 7 Tracks:



WTF (feat < b l a n k >)

Vaporwhat95 (working title)



maybe another untitled

The EP wil be available totally free on Bandcamp and Audiotool, maybe soundcloud.

If you remix an already published Track like 2048, WTF or if requested Pandora (from the preview, I will publish that track if you want to remix it) Im going to put that on the record as well (well if you done a at least okayish job)

Im also thinking about publishing a mixtape with every other crap that I never finished and that is lying around my draft section...

thanks for reading this shit, ask me anything in the comments.

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    about 2 years ago

    You my friend earned the "most creative rip off" award.