sorry, when the vocals were made less people were in the rebellionsclan, .....

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  • rebellion really learning to respect you all

  • Rebellion Rock is Pret-ty Sweet.

  • hm there are some effects on it, seems that you want more;-)

  • yeah ... cool one! Why didn't you put any effects on your voice bro ;) ?

  • great work guys

  • hihi, thanks...

  • HO beautiful :)

  • this si perfect, i mena, there are no more i additions i can make to this. its...amazing. WHOOO im breathless!!

  • N1 lads :) !

  • shpaple 1~

  • This is Perfect

  • the adjustment i made to the Bass line Makes that Rass Effect Work well

  • haha i didnt know you finished it :) nIce i see you fixed all the little Details Better then i had hoped this is REal good i love the edits you did to the bass line :)

  • this is Good M8