Hell yeah. Finally found time to finished this! All mixing done in Audiotool. I imported my vocals as WAVS.


I'm going sicker than old timers with Alzheimers. I got lanes in my game i dont need a backliner. Up on the mountain top roaring like a mountain lion. Its time to live and stay gold, sick of seeing mothers cryin. Explicit material better eat your greens. this is a saturday night special. Only tonight we are bashing TV screens. Go lean or go mean like deleted scenes of the movie last night that caused you to rethink what life means. Study Either hate it or love it. Find out whats nagging you express it. Otherwise fuck it. Cause if you cant speak up, whats the use if you cant make em understand then they gon take it out on you. Its like a cycle of rifles inside the pine pipa's gun, getting harder to decipher? I just begun. I move so often, so theres no where that im really from. An Earthling that is burping out the pain i feel from lack sun. Let it flow out im not stopping till I crap the cash. Everyone who doubted me will see when the struggle has passed.

And Audiotool's a miracle, especially when your lyrical, spiritual break the cubes this community is spherical. From US to Beijing, Kenya to Erding. If you think race matters motherfucker your hurting. Gettin something twisted. Cause we aint here to fight no more. Vibration bonds the highest of the senses time to break the score. I stand unshaken, but the forces dwell. You cant look for heaven if you steady wanna live in hell. You hear that sound? The war drums are louder. Your in a movie theatre? Im in the final hour. Fuck the gun powder, im bout to take a shower. I aint start it but ill never run im no coward. Blood sweat and tears from the early years. People never looked at me but now they cant get off my ear. Better clean up if your having any doubt or fears. Times are getting risky like hangin from the chandeliers. Your shouting but I think its hilarous kiddy i get stares see but I dont care for fame. Rest In Peace Biggy. Nionsomnia(C)

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