100% clipping. that sound at the end is me smashing my laptop because of this track. there is only 1 drop; getting tired of that 2 drop standard. I spent hours and hours just on the kick alone and mixing it with the rest of the sounds. thanx to infyuthsion for that crazy yoy synth set up

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  • Refav

  • Still one of my favorite complextro tracks on Audiotool.

  • howhaveinotheardthis

  • I am still scintillated.

  • That kick is awesome.

  • Astrum...why don't you come back? :D I kinda miss this...

  • YEEE!!!

  • Shit dude! this is the most beast song I've heard on here. definitely going on my iPod thanks

  • There's so much stuff going on after the drop.

  • is that a minecraft moon!?

  • Dude your shit is dope as fuck good work man!!! Check out some of my stuff man! Dark Electro Dub!!!

  • :D

  • Added to invented mod "Portal : Moon's Puzzles" as ingame composition [Chapter 1 - Intro to Space]

  • I can't make something this good on a $2000 desktop, you can do it on a laptop. SKILLS!!!

  • Amazing really!