my first song that i made 100% from scratch the beat, the synths, and the brides.

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  • :O

  • idk i think this is good the_end ...the reason its repetitive is bc theres gonna b a rap to it..i think it sounds awesome bsides that

  • haha thanks man

  • compared to uprizings first ear-grating trac this is perfection but dont get cocky you both sucked but now good heh heh heh

  • yes it wud....if i get a rap ill def do that...

  • If you did that, you could put in the rap too, and alternate between it and the synths, it would be so sick :P

  • thanks comatoast

  • Wow man very nice work, I love that bass its sound awesome in the car :)

    Love the synth work as well.

    Overall man you have a very solid beat.

  • gotcha..ya i mght try that...

  • its just so long bc theres a chorus and a of each...for a rap

  • yeah, lower the volume on this track, so it is like a foundation to build on, then right really "Pop" and "house" synths on top, that is just something to try :P

  • its prob my most technical track if u open it up

  • bc it was my first page..b4 i had 30 followers lol

  • Whoa how did i miss this?

  • sso make the sounds i have low volume level? and mae a house synth on top?