Some exotic drumstep for yall. Enjoy! :)

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  • what in blazes now thats what i call "TAKING IT OUT FOR A SPIN IN THE SAHARA!"


  • Paz, no. Pilgrim, LaGrue, Infyuthsion, and Uprising are awesome too. Learn more about audiotool before making assumptions. >:|

  • great track !!!!

  • excuse me paz? jk jk ;)

  • I'm diggin' it. You and Trill-Pix are probably the two best dubstep type artists on here.

  • Uhh can't decide which is better... This or uncontained? :p I like the intro in this more, but the heavy part in uncontained more

  • ;)

  • i love it when all you need to hear is the first few seconds of a song and you know its going to be amazing and then about a quarter of the way through your head explodes. Favorite.

  • How do you layer those synths like that? :p I'm always having a hard time playing synths at the same time in a different melody :p

  • Probably the best drumstep song I've heard on AT :) Still coming back to it!

  • Really nice track. Great job

  • this track is realy wicked good bluedude thnxs for sharing this :)

  • no, no, no. If you're going to spam, do that on my wall. I'm not going to listen to it unless it's on my wall.

  • nice work here!!