Remix of an earlier piece turned into small adventure

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  • That bass is deep. Sounds Good.

  • love the bass in this, its like the old bass tracks I used to bump 18 years ago. That didn't mean anything toward the song, God am I that old? Great track

  • Amazing work as always :)

  • This is the perfect track for me today. It's going to snow here later tonight! ;)

  • so cool :D

  • Thanks Uprising et al. I really liked making this track, it was an experimental accidental (hence 90bpm instead 180bpm) and only took an hour or so to throw together. I'd like to work on this a bit more at some point.. sort out the lazy drums in the middle

  • the synth at 140 ish is a nice touch too

  • you have some kick as sounds goin on here the bass is boss

  • hey i got one of those robot cars in my drive way :)

  • nice track!

  • nice bass

  • I love it!! so wild!! :D

  • Thanks Samhain & Bluedude :) :)

  • You're good dude. I like your music. Always doing something different. I try to do the same and I like others who try to do it as well. Nice work.