main tune no added mix yet.

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  • woooow nice

  • So is it the volume or some of the sounds, that's loud??

    i took a look at this today. trying to figure out what part is actually loud. to me some of the tunes are a bit loud and/or high pitch but its like that for a reason. if not high pitched like it is the wave doesn't travel like it does, it just cuts off. idk like i said i was just foolin around with it

  • Not bad! A bit too loud but still pretty cool!

  • never did a 2nd edit. just put it together and left it.

    Ill keep that in mind tho if i ever do get back to it. thx

  • This is pretty cool! I'd turn down the volume if I were you.

  • Republished

    up'd the Bpm, was way to slow