Cover of track ssenknad eht eldnah uoy nac by %YvNg _GiBe_Da_Pv$$I_b0$$
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%YvNg _GiBe_Da_Pv$$I_b0$$, ssenknad eht eldnah uoy nac


I sexually Identify as a AutoModerator. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of stealing CummyBot2000's job of posting the original post in the comments. People say to me that a person being AutoModerator is Useless and I’m not ever going to be replacing CummyBot2000 but I don’t care, I’m still gonna do his job. I’m having a coder install the same algirthim CummyBot2000 runs on into my body.

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    about 2 years ago

    m8 there's no dankness i can't handle