Yet another trance. Somehow I got it to be a bit upbeat. It was a quick experiment with many sounds. Had fun making it. Enjoy! :)

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  • this is two years old and only got 13 favs? DX THATS INJUSTICE! THIS SHUD HAV MOOOAOAAAAAR!

  • this is such an amazing song. i love this sorta 90s trance track. in fact you inspired me to make my own trance track Labores Solis

    id be greatful if anyone woud check it out

    if you follow me ill follow you:) Thanks. sorry for wasting your time:)

  • Thanks! It's old. hehe. :D

  • i like this...very much so :3

  • cool bluedude

  • nice one!

  • it sounds so... colorful ^_^

  • excellents synths here !!

  • Wow. Nice

  • G1! :)

  • smooth track, everything works well together

  • what a cool track loved it - i would change one thing...the buzzing pad starting at about :41 - i would soften this and create a less buzzy - more synthy or stringy pad and flow it through only because i love the other synth melody and sound it's just excellent - but again i'm probably full of subjective shit anyway but throwing that out there anyway because i yearn for helpful comments myself - excellent track!