This is a fresh start. I'm gonna start making serious music again.

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  • If you wanna give it a try remastering, remix it. I like the loud noisy bass sound.

  • i hope you dont mind my opinion on this i onloy give it what i see a good track with issues lol. I really like this track but the mastering is a off that bass over powers everything else loud if fine as long as your not using all your DB up on one instrument . I would really like to hear this track with a proper Mastering and more melody to back up the bass

  • Thanks man! The past crap I released was really funny as an insider for my friends but they all kinda sucked... Except for that shitty rap song I made. That was well-produced, but I don't know what I was thinking by adding me and my friends' vocals.

  • Kinda missed your drone-tranceish music man. good to hear it again. Hell, I still listen to Karma every now and again.