A cover of Massive Attack's smash-hit downtempo single "Teardrop", known worldwide as the theme of the TV show "House, M.D.". Elah and the Badniks are Elah on vocals, Sharps Chicken on guitar, and Mach Rabbit on drums. Dig it!

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  • love it

  • Thank you for the feedback! I was really trying to go for clean vocals on this one (a brand new microphone deserves a chance to shine, don't you think?), but I am really addicted to vocal effects (as evidenced by "The Universal"). I had also gotten slightly negative feedback from another listener that my vocals were distorted and distant on my last track, so I went with it.

  • The original is a classic tune..Well done, I like it! I would put your vocals through a little chorus and delay and add a bit of bass....but maybe that would miss your point! g1 :) !