The Speech is of the film "The Great Dictator" 1940 spoken by Charlie Chaplin. The film was an act of defiance against Nazism. I was inspired of the video "A Message For All Of Humanity" which u can see at youtube.

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  • i love this, extremely well done

  • wonderful track i love this :)

  • Great Track. Finally a track, that is not only for listening in the Backround, but for letting youself, in all concentration, fall absolutly and entirely in the music and the great sampled Lyrics. Keep up this work! Music can change the world!

  • oh yes ... both of your halves are guilty ... so I'm glad that my nongerman half has a clean record ... the british empire is known for it's open minded attitude towards foreign cultures and their cultural characteristics ;)

  • are you good with words??

  • yeah but I can't help it i am just 15 :( and still will I be seen as the big loser only because a half side of me is German... So I think let people make mistakes it's humanly and if they do let's fowgive them :) no one ever talks about the black hunt in south-Africa .. :)

  • surely your grandpa was a nazi LSD, you're half german ;)

    We germans will always and forever be the flagship of xenophobia and intolerance, this is our curse.

    Great track mate, ambitious message!

  • Hehe. Thank you very much.

  • wow I like it more than ther film :) my grandpa was a nazi he worked with tanks.. but I never knew him .. he died of too much alcolism in the prison were the russians putted him into :( But even I suffer of being a half german child .. Because people at highscool sometimes yell at me like nazieer and I hate that because I can't help it ..:( but as a conclusion :) it is The great Track made by Tyrion :) I will not put such a long lifestories on audiotool :)) <- look he's got a chin :)