This is a example track which illustrate basic tips using my track "Guitar".

The idea of the "Guitar" sounds are stacking sounds which are selected from "one" sample.By using Slope (filter) I boost or cut any frequency. And add synth sounds like these samples. So total sound color is limitted and micro texture is highlighted.

I hope this would help someone :)

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  • It's nice and mellow.

  • Very interesting, I'm going to look at this a little more too.

  • The interesting thing of this way is a little change makes unexpected phrase/rhythm/soundcolor.It's similar to make a new pattern on "Bassline" synth by "one" change.This will happen on any minimal style.But it's difficult to make more dynamic changes both.Check my "Minimal a". A basic idea is almost same.

  • I'ma come back and take a look at this later. I am rather intrigued by this technique, and wish to know more.

  • Oh man, I love your stuff. I'm glad you came back.

  • The sound is wonderful, and I love how organized your entire set up is. I can see what everything is doing from the icon pic alone. :P

  • :-D

  • :) !

  • OMG man so beautiful :)