This is going to be my new song, BUT, I think I can make it better. Leave me some (constructive) criticisms and critiques in the comments, so hopefully I can get a little better and make my music a little less crappy. Thanks for the help in advance!


UPDATED! Version 1.2

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  • yeah, good work! btf

  • Funky bass lines funky wobbles funky ideas funky funky

  • Yea cool :)

  • Very good, maybe the bass too strong...but nice track ;)

  • Great stuff here man :)

  • i like the simplicity, maybe it could use come more stuff, but as it stands its good for me, feels almost like ambient :D

  • Nice track, maybe needs some more variety

  • you caught me at a good time my friend. I was soo bored I was looking for soemthing to do lol.

    try to change the synths up a little. give it some veriety, but so far i'm liking it.

    maybe make the drum beat a little more interesting and change it as the song goes on?

  • :3 i acculy have 32,000 people protecting me so i dont have to worry

  • ~ - plays rick roll and watches bullets hit him instead- :3

  • Stolen first :3