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  • Slipped Beats on, Sat back, and relaxed.... While playing Bejewled. c:

    If only my first could/would sound this good. xD Very nice.

  • I rly wish i could download this as well dude, super sweet. rly chill :]

  • This is amazing. Wish i could download.

  • thx

  • I'm with Kepz, here you gotta show respect to gain it. Great use of samples! Love this start, and welcome to Audiotool! (:

  • check out other peoples tracks don't spam on theirs..if you will spam spam on wall..

    cool first track.

  • @GRANPAW lol thax man an i kno it is addictive i find my self makin thing for at least 8 hours aday

  • Thanks you guys im workin on a new track coming soon

  • great first track!! keep em' coming. welcome to AT :)

  • Granpaw in the UK House

    Beautifully engineered, i think you been practising a bit! LOL

    Come over and visit Granpaw sometime listen to a few trax, i don't stick with one genre.

    But beware Audiotool is addictive

    Welcome to our family bro

  • Wow this is sick. Great first track man :)

  • thank u guys an ok kepz i just was so excited this was my first on this cite

  • This is really cool! wish you's made it remix-able though!

  • *tracks

  • Nice first! But please dont spam, its annoying. Just listen to other track, give feedback, share thoughts and you will be noticed.