What does it sound like when two robots talk about their artificial emotions?

Cover picture by Talel Dayekh

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  • dat beginning lol

  • cool music

  • Really emotional. Cool

  • love your glitching drums! classic joa sound i love. glad you're back with some more tracks!

  • really fantastic

  • Cant believe your back dude, and better then ever!!! Great track sir! ;D

  • @ollie What sound do you mean? Only the pads go through the RB at the beginning and end of the track. Everything else is done by placing notes in the timeline manually.

  • Is that buzzing sound made from the rass. With the stutter rate at 128th?

    This is nice though, chaotic yet calming soundscape

  • Nice !

  • Truthfully, I just faved the title lol.

  • :D

  • Very listenable conversation indeed :)


  • Thanks. Like a bottle of wine, a draft needs to age before opening it.

  • Looks like rnzr isn't the only one publishes a year later ;) Very robotic sounding indeed.