My first track completely 'hand crafted' opposed to using other artists' already created tracks/loops (which I prefer because your work already sounds so damned good!).

The figure of speech, "To the nines" was used in my circles as a way to describe how well a given activity was performed, how well someone was dressed (especially for a special occasion), and how much attention to detail was paid in either of those circumstances. So, the title's an obvious double entandre, and although this may sound like nails on a chalkboard to many, I assure all (whether you braved listening to this or not) that my attention to detail for this piece began to manifest "rain man" like symptoms in me to the point I was asked, "Can't you just watch porn?" by my GF.

Heavily influenced by Ed Knowles (Hungry, Manor-Mijor), Inavon (Very Simple Fap Trvp), and Sndbrgn (Over and Out [Drop That Bass Motherfucker]). If not for those artists I wouldn't even dream of an undertaking (which isn't scrap compared to what the aforementioned have accomplished) like this. This is where I find out if Inavon was serious about "... detune everything..." in that advice given on Reddit some time ago!

If you listened to any of this, thank you. If you 'liked' it, gawd bleshya. Peace.

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