Cover of track Untitled by Mr. Standfast
  • about 6 years ago
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Mr. Standfast, Untitled


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    Audio M.D. about 6 years ago

    I'll stop commenting probably after this one because I know all your tracks will be like this. Incredible. The depth of the sounds you're creating are so powerful that it moves the soul. I don't have the proper adjective at my command to fully describe this work. The best I can do is to say that it makes me think about all the things that I love most in this world, my children, family, friends, good times and bad ones too, successes, failures and mistakes, then it bundles them all up into a tight little package that I hold close to my heart. I don't think anything can be better than that. I truly love this song.

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    Yixdee about 6 years ago

    SOunds great !!

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    fontana about 6 years ago

    arts of sounds

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    Hbeao about 6 years ago

    Man, when that synth comes in at 0:28 it is so beautiful :') Kind of shows that tracks don't really need titles., its all about the sound

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    Olaf about 6 years ago

    Really good