Made in my cousin dorm at USC. Shit was crazy!

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  • Tough. But the noise at 0:35 is actually the same sample playing BACKWARDS. Im guessing the noise you hear is the Hats. Oh and BTW I only made this to show my cousin how to use Audiotool. Check Him out sometimes. @gunner .

  • i am going to be very honest with you on this the beginning sounds like a collision of way to many audio tracks and the samples you choose Have been used by so many people its hard to Comment on them

    the track gets a lot better when all the noise stops at 35

    try Cutting back some of the sounds at the beginning and separating them

    Keep up the Good work though and Most of all have fun and play hard

  • Letting you know i stopped by to listen

    I don't Critique music unless asked

    I Like to help musicians so if you want an honest critique drop a line on my wall and ill give it to you good or bad .

    otherwise keep having fun that's what its all about :)