This is the first song i posted on AdmitOne, i hope you guys like it. :)

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  • Nice!!

  • Oh man this is sick some heavy wobbs, i get this feeling of the sea being over my head :)

  • thanks you guys, i am working hard on the songs, i am trying to learn all of the stuff on audiotool, i got alot more songs to come you guys, thanks for the support on the first song i posted on (AdmitOne) if you want me to do a song with you or remix one of your songs, ask me, thanks again guys ( Excentric , out! ) - Excentric

  • I as an artist would love to see people who use samples for 95% of the track, start to use samples less and less because it is very obvious that you have an ear for music, don't get me wrong. It would just be nice to see your talent put into heisenberg or a pulv. or a bass line. I am happy to see a machineist in there and some effects. All i am saying is use things that will bring originality. :) Ps. im not mad, but if you branch our and create the sound your music will mean more than pre made.

  • Awesome! :D

  • I know what you mean, @PolygonCube

  • This is gr8! =D

  • wow this is really good!

  • Cool i like this nice job

  • nice!

  • Nice job Excentric you definitely know what you're doing, but still keep the sample use to a minimum :)

  • God Dub! n_n

  • Good Job

  • :)

  • no worries mate, i dont actively seek out followers...dont know why...but i always wonder...yeah...always would it be if i were more assertive? what would i gain from fame besides being known? would be good or bad? i dont know...i never ask to be followed, and i only try to keep my spam of latest tracks to the minimum...just my way i guess... cheers! :D