New track, took a step away from hardstyle.

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  • ok and thanks

  • i see you making an atmosphere taking a "step away from hardstyle" - so my opinion, and i really only get critical if asked to critique otherwise i try to see the good points in people's you asked - i would add base - you can have bass without ripping people's spine out you know and it can accomplish a nice background to your atmospheric groove - thats what i would do - maybe even a background melodic drone - good track :)

  • Sadly, it is... lol jk thanks :D

  • not a home made picture i hope haha but seriosly good job

  • Lol i know. I wanted to addd more but couldnt really think of anything

  • i still like it though dont get me wrong

  • not your best as a matter of taste for me sounds rushed and un mastered too much clipping sounds much better from 2 on

    i like the creepy feel . this could be a good track with more work .. i only give opinions when asked but i like to be honest the track is not a thow away by any means just needs some more work done IMO

  • i love metalocolyps