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was g and what not (p.s, my English teacher failed me but she got divorced so who do u think really won XDDD)
music i am most proud of and such:
Akxl's 400 remix comp! ENTRYYYYY
Tophat flip
I've lost all will to move
feel free (feat. Aeiter)
a shotgun tra remix (feat. vizil)
in that order
randoms i am most proud to call my friends:
@☆P1AGUΣ! is ded (just the radest dude u'll ever meet but still learning the trails of making GOOD music
looking forward to seeing what musical mastermind he becomes in the future)
@Leafy (a role model and a menace to society, couldn't have asked for a better friend)
@XyPhr (very talented and a EDM veteran and yes ALL kinds of EDM, the bestest dude and i have his phone number >:3)
@CeRiXyn ( dude is a legend when it comes to his line of music but he needs to learn HOW TO FINISH A GOD DAMN PROJECT)
@VΛNTΛ ( a growl master and a dubstep inspiration, i also kno where he lives >:3)
wall of inspiration coming soon when im not so lazy to do so

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