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You can call me DJ Dafph when I'm on the DJ, You can also call me by my stage name Dafph, and my music producer name is Dafph. But my real name is DeMorian Antoine Frost. I use pre-made samples, and if anyone want me to take a certain sample out or something, you must email me at dfrostmusician @yahoo .com, I use Creative Commons, which means no one should care, because it's out there for everyone to use. I make music for many reasons, these are just 7: Love, Positivity, Girls (Respectfully), Being Yourself, Good Partying, Peace, Video Games, and more. If you want to use my music for commercial use or something, email me at dafphmusician @GMAIL .com. Keep in mind I won't let no one use my music to make a song or something unless it's clean and I only will support good musicians, who make clean music, nothing inappropriate. I love music and like to produce and/or arrange different types of music most of it is on my old account here: @Dafph (Old Account) But I started a new one. I have a wide variety of music taste.

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