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Heey, Audiotool Communtiy!
I'm 14 years old, I live in the Netherlands and I love EDM. My whole life is (sort of) based on it; listening to varying styles like Dubstep, DnB, Hard Dance, Trance, House and some subgenres. After a while I started noting patterns in the music I listened, common tricks and effects. With my musical experience of playing the piano for almost 7 years, I started creating similar patterns. After experimenting on my piano, I looked up on the internet: 'Making EDM online for free', and this is what came out. I started experimenting with Audiotool for a bit. Cutting up samples to create a new song, was my experimentation until I discovered all the effects and the variety of possibilities to create my own melody, chords, bassline and drums. That's sort of the way I got here.
My biggest source of inspiration (until now) is the label: Monstercat. They have signed a bunch of artists to make music of different styles. Go check them out!
- (link is only visible to registered users)
- (link is only visible to registered users)
Which actually leads to my primary goals:
~ Get a YouTube account and upload music there as well
~ Get my keyboard and microphone plugged in so I can record stuff CHECK
~ Make my own website
~ Get more followers, favorites and views, of course!
~ Get on Beatport / Bandcamp
~ Get signed with Monstercat.
A feedback or comment is always appreciated!
To everybody who follows me: Huge thanks!
I hope you enjoy my music!
Peace, Foggix

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