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I will now accept most invites from friends.
My Alt: @Uzeh
Shoutouts to:
@★KCTheProducer★ (The guy who brought my style into the limelight, thanks homie you forever a day1 and a real1)
@itxmi (Dude HELLA underated, started off rough but he my slime now)
@⭐TG⭐Zack Reyes! (Best Drill Producer alongside Nomad)
@@nomadnohome & @[N.H.B.] kiddnasty
@N.H.B Guywitbeats
@BREEZYSREVENGE! & @✨drowsee!
@[N.H.B] wutho✨
@Uzehlover ;)
People uploading shii from FL killed this site. Fax.
@lilsims00 got me into the website in 10th grade when we shared a computer class. I'm now a college graduate. Thanks Alex.
Inventor of the pitched 808 kill bill siren
uzeh/kill808/uzehgotbeats/❤️808 mafia queen❤️
"I feel better when I'm not sober~" - The Kid Laroi

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