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❀ Popocorn Pops- Hey Guys I'm Back And Super Busy I Wont Be On Audiotool Often And Will Not Be Releasing Songs Often Either Soz Guys ❀
Hello to everybody and anybody who stumbles upon my profile I am highly energetic, crazy, talkative and love hearing music as it has helped me through so much in life so send me links and pester me to listen to your music!
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As far as I'm concerned I only bite if you are rude to me or my friends. If you are not rude you will 100% get a follow back!
Birthday: October 16th
Name: Jasmine
Nicknames: Jazzy, Jazmine, Spaz Jaz, Jazz, Popocorn, Popsy, The Big P and Spazzy Jazzy
Favourite Music Genre: I don't really have a a genre I like dubstep, electro house, techno, hardstyle but I really love the music you hear in video games.... so I guess you can say I LOVE video gaming music
Motto: Nothing You Create Ever Sucks, Everybody Just Has Different Styles, It Is Because Of These Different Styles , That Allow Anything You Create To Be Amazing
My Message To You: If you like my music follow me, wanna have a chat message me and if you hate my music help me out and tell me how to make it better.
♪ ♫ Songs I Am Working On ♫ ♪
Taking A Long Break From Music, To Much Homework, All The Collabs I Have Gotten Will Slowly Be Done, Any Other Collab Offers Will Either Be Rejected Or Put On Hold.
People You MUST Check Out:
@The B-ST
@TurtleSquad (My Brother)
@JKITTY123 (My Best Friend)
P.S. I make/edit my own covers and logos so no stealing them and saying that you made it!! Also I want to thank the people on the Internet whose graphics I have used in my covers cause they look awesome sooo thank you artwork creators :3
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