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is the noise music for the ordinary man. Does ordinary imply "basic"? Is ordinary condescendence towards the ppl? Many Noise enthusiasts and artists legitimize the reactionary perspective against noise music. The reactive stance against noise will say: "i don't feel it, this aint music, this is non-sense, the promise of noise is not guaranteed." even though the typical noise enthusiast appears to rebuke such attitude he legitimizes it by confronting noise as a promise of enjoyment, the noise enthusiast confronts noise as a mystery, a mysterious experience. The toxic noise enthusiast makes proper distance with the Real of noise, non sense never cuts the realm of the enthusiast, noise is only a postponed promise, for him noise transcends, the traumatic element of the non-musical never invades because noise is unquantifiable (probably due to noise's contamination with Brian Eno and Art). 1898 realizes that one must abandon noise in order to execute the Merzbauic Promise. 1898 traverses the fantasy of noise and claims that there is no mystery regarding noise. 1898 takes a surgeon's knife and cuts the fantasmatic-engimatic-ambient-phenomenological element of noise by intensifying many aspects of the noise, EDM and post internet music legacy via confronting musicality as a fiction and object of Acceleration. 1898 is an unilateral noise and an annihilation of the possibility of (sound) art. 1898 is the purest form of Scientific Merzbauic Nihilism

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