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So! I've decided to pack up and move on to more opportunities!!! *cough* (FL Studio) *cough* If you would like to see what my stuff is like now you can go to my sound cloud (link is only visible to registered users) or you can visit the Facebook page of "Antonym" (link is only visible to registered users) where I have teamed up with my best bud Ben Hardy (Flamingmeerkat) to make electronic music. I thank you all for the support over the year (and a half). And now, I'll bid you a good day!! :D
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I enjoy many types of music. Anything that is either way up beat and happy or just really epic sounding grabs my attention! I love to make little "tunes" as I call them and I really love messing around with chords that are unique! Also, just to add, whenever I do a remix or a remake, it is always done by ear because I can't read music.
If you would like to criticize my stuff, have at it!! Say what you heart desires because in the end, it will end up helping me! Thanks!!
Remember to hug a ninja, because they rock! Who knows why I put that?! :D

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