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I am a newbie on audiotool, and I think I might do okay, but for now, I still need to post tracks. Enjoy all or any of them. PLEASE!?!
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1. (- Evening Out -), Genre: EDM, Progress: EXTREMELY Slow(2%)
2. (- Elegance -), Genre: EDM, Progress: Incomplete(0%)
3. (- Transition -), Genre: Soundtrack, Progress: Incomplete(2%)
4. (- Removal -), Genre: Soundtrack, Progress: EXTREMELY Slow(1%)
GIVE ME RECOMMENDATIONS! Don't just tell me to "learn this, learn that, learn Detuning, learn Eq-ing, learn slicing, etc. "
I'm saying this because I have literally no clue how... SO for now just expect simple tracks...
As of now, I'm open to Collaborations with ANYBODY! But please make sure that if you collab with me, you at least know what YOU'RE doing, because, I might not. oof :|
Oh yeah, and I have SoundCloud. I'll post a majority of my tracks there, essentially Soundtracks.
Here: (link is only visible to registered users)
Thank you for reading, and enjoy my Awful Tracks.

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