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I'm just another one of those music fans out there that happened to come across this site (R3fn4 actually showed it to me and I got pretty excited since the music program I had been using for over a year had no dubstep genre). Personally, I welcome criticism as much as compliments, so don't be afraid if what you have to say isn't necessarily the nicest thing in the world. My music always reflects how I feel or act at certain times, and I pour as much emotion into it as I can get. It's never about "how" you made it or "what" you did to make it, it's about the story a song tells in the end that truly speaks to someone's soul. I think that the best songs out there are the ones that can connect to people through life and our experiences in it, so even if it may not be the best song, I will like it all the same as the best song here.
My musichake.com account is also named stEAmpowered, so check it out when you've got the chance =) ! Link:
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