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OOMMGG WE GOTTA CHARTER!!!! First 10 (Real Afrobeat) (Wanna B Track 04)
Newest track: His Royal Blu Toothness (Crown)
All By Myself (30) , Don't Wanna B , All By Myself (30)
I'm a fan of Rap, Trap and Dubstep; and I'm celebrating a month on this website! Hey Blu Tootherz! Always up for a chat or conversation! :D I will also follow those who follow me too! ;D c: My main gift on AT is probs Lo - Fi :D
Album Five!!
Wanna B
Let's get this up in the charts!!!! First 10 (Real Afrobeat) (Wanna B Track 04)
- @Blu Tooth (Téàno)

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