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Status: (Holiday Break: Out of boarding school!) Online and In The Community! - All Hands On Deck
AT's most underrated user you'll be gobsmacked: @A!rwav.
Gone - Album 7 - My newest album finally complete - pls check it out as it contains all my most recent tracks!
Gone - Had it's run - time charting.
Check out: Plus Haut (I Think I Broke Something) and Lonely Thoughts (Wish Upon A Star) - Personal favourites o' mine.
I'm 13, Black and also a fan of Rap, Trap and Dubstep; Hey Blu Tootherz! Always up for a chat or conversation! :D I will also follow those who follow me too! ;D c: My main gift on AT is probs Lo - Fi and un peu de Trap too!:D
Album Six:
The Pride and Prejudice Album!
Single - Not taken.
- @Blu Tooth (Téàno) [L.P.G]

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