• experimental
  • chill
  • 90s
  • soul
  • hip
  • hop
  • lo
  • fi
  • agbeatmaker
  • deviate
  • samples


Total playing time: 0:17:27

a bunch of little short beats.... my last on audiotool (except for rain beats and stuff)

thanks for the support and please favorite the album

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  • shit. down to fifth.

  • number 1, the moods this whole project gave me was just amazing cant wait to hear what you have next

  • so good

    • we need to collab yo

  • you went off on this

    • i really appreciate you giving it a listen. :)

  • hahaha yesssss 2nd in the album chartsssss

  • N!CE ! enjoyed the l!sten. 'the look in your eyes.' was my favor!te

    • thanks! that one has to be one of my favorites as well

  • i hope this album can get to the charts

  • this junk too dope

    • glad u enjoyed it

  • this is just beautiful...... can you download on mp3 or sum i need this on my playlist

    seriously this is perfect bro awesome fucking work

    • i posted the link on my wall

    • ok i have the mp3.. its also on youtube

    • can you favorite the actual album? i want this to get some attention

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  • luv the collection