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time flies.

Total playing time: 0:15:29

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  • still my favorite body of work on AT

  • i'm a sucker for strings, they always sound so classy

    very fair balance of soft pretty melodies and bombastic rhythm-focused melodies throughout, super nice

    • YES.

    • thanks so much man

    • not to be too self-focused, but the variety in energy reminds me of Eternal Jewel

      also thassa sick cover

  • what is this supposed to be

    1 more
  • this gonna be on the charts for a long time.

    • i hope not lol i wanna give other ppl a chance

  • ayyyy it surpassed deviate

    • nah it was popular it got like 44 favs

    • You knocked DeRoy's Chocolate LOFI off the charts

      (wasn't that popular)

  • secondddd

    • that took a while

  • Shit this could surpass deviate

  • No 1 Albums:

    Time Flies - AGbeatmaker

    Blossoms.EP - Dotaki

    Chocolate Lofi - Roy

  • congratn on #1 you deserve it

  • Holy shitt number one

  • number 2??? wtf

  • Werd.

  • That cover art is great

    • Thanks! I made it in photoshop..

  • daily bop need i say more?