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acloudyskyePixel Drift Remixes

Total playing time: 0:18:02

In hindsight, I probably should've made the draft smaller because I know people were limited with what their computers could handle. Regardless, here are the Results!

1st: Embr

I really enjoyed the creativity in this one. Out of all the entries yours introduced the most new elements and sounds. While the intro had me questioning a few things, the rest more than supported the goofy fun sound that a lot of your stuff has. Love it.

2nd: Head Trauma Romance

I loved the mid tempo switch in this, and the new chord you introduced at 1:56 pleasantly caught me off guard, although I wish I saw more of it. The melody on the pluck that comes in during the last section really got me emotional for whatever reason which I'll always appreciate in a song.

3rd: Leadenshrew

I genuinely have no idea how you managed to do this in the little time you had after you found the comp. While it's rough edges show in transitions, it manages to hold it's own. Also Jesus Christ that second drop is nuts.

4th: Recompense

This one probably had my favorite intro out of all the entries. Love it when that first key change comes lead in by the melody. Also love all the chord changes in the first drop, although by the second it sounds like a different song altogether.

5th: Pendragon

Definitely the most intense out of all the entries, while I found the mixing quite harsh I did enjoy the concept and the direction you decided to take the song in. The build-up and the transition into the drop in particular are super cool.

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    about 8 months ago

    I liked pens the most, but good job everyone!

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    about 9 months ago

    i have to say i agree with these results. i wish i had my computer so i could make a full remix, but congratulations to everybody who placed!

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    it's embr

    about 9 months ago

    holy shitttttt

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    about 9 months ago

    aaaaa skye thanks sm i love the work you do so much

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    Head Trauma Romance

    about 9 months ago

    lowkey super happy that embr won <3

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    about 9 months ago

    lole rip me

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    about 9 months ago