skye's always been a huge inspiration for me so i couldn't pass up the opportunity to participate in his remix comp. belated congrats on 500 followers, mg


give me soundclout:


here's an animated version of the slightly redone cover art just for fun

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  • this is what i beat children to

    • LOL

    • kinky

    • tb to top comments where synthy would always comment this kinda stuff and get the top comment

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  • this song is what inspired me to use the chorus fx

  • chords :)

  • chorus makes everything so smooth :^)

  • these chords man, best part. idk why this is 4 minutes, gimme chords on repeat

  • Sounds like stranger things xddd

  • love this remix so ima remix it

  • oh my god this passed equinox, you guys are crazy

  • Another ear-rape track that sounds good

  • needs a singer

  • i can really appreciate stuff like this

  • The intro to this has been stuck in my head for days

  • cool 100 faves

  • this makes me moist

  • o shit 1k plays, thanks all