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Jacob TylerTop 3 Next Tracks: ATDAY2017

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Congratulations guys, here are the top 3 tracks this year made with Audiotool Next:

1. Inavon - No Future: Really great structure, mostly great mixing and excellent synth design.

2. Ollie, Bleu - Ollie x Bleu: Extremely original, nice synth design and good mixing.

3. Audiotool Day 2017 - Leadenshrew: Nice synth design and mixing. A tad over-compressed in places but otherwise really great.

If you won this category, then please message my wall and we'll get your "a-records" vinyls sent to you.

Thankyou to everyone that entered the competition. It has been really fun to listen to and judge this years entries as it shows how powerful Next is, as well as how far you have all come.


Jacob, @Kepz , @opaqity

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    Rodrigo Del Canto about 6 months ago

    Congratulations to the winners!

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    Inavon about 6 months ago

    Wow :O idk what to say

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    leadenshrew about 6 months ago

    omg, did not expect that

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    Kib about 6 months ago


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    Bleū about 6 months ago

    What a privilege to have my other entry in this as well. Thank you so very much to you Jacob, all the other judges, and ollie for working with me. <3 Thank you all so much and congrats to everyone!