Cover of track ollie x bleū (ATD'17) by ollie
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ollie, Bleū, ollie x bleū (ATD'17)


Bleū: So Ollie invited me to this after we discussed what we wanted to do and I have to say, working with this guy is such a thrilling learning curve..I learned so much by watching him work and progress with the track. I'm so happy to be able to work with him because I think doing this with him showed me how similar our styles are. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do honestly. <3 Thank you Ollie!


Ollie: Yo yo I had mad fun working on this, glad I asked you to collab man, its been a blast, definitely expect more of us/this to come <3


Enjoy, and please, feel free to crit <3

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    .vistamista ☁ [read desc] about 1 month ago


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    Derrenno about 6 months ago

    The Garage is fantastic ehere

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    Didge about 6 months ago

    Straight up good brain food here. I wanted it to just keep going.

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    Bleū about 6 months ago

    Thanks for 2nd out of top 3 guys <3

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    Sub4sax about 6 months ago

    I love seeing 2 talented artists collabing together. This sounds sooo perfect i love it <3 Good job you 2 subby loves ya <3 :D