Cover of album XRB (xavrockbeats): Future PT1 (Fan-Made) by Distorted Vortex
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Distorted VortexXRB (xavrockbeats): Future PT1 (Fan-Made)

Total playing time: 1:20:34

So For This Album I Picked The Song That Sound Futurisic And Will Go Well With The Album

Also XRB Is A Frickin Music Genius

Remember To Wear Your Headphones or Earphones To Get The Best Quaility Or Just Play It Through Your Speakers On Your Stereo

This Album Is Done Hopefully xavrockbeats likes it

OH CRAP I Forgot A Download Link For This Album But Anyways I Hope You Enjoy This Album Even Though I Did Made This Album Before Home Free He Didn't Wanted On Bandcamp And This Album Is A Unofficial Album So That Another Reason Why It Isn't On Bandcamp

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